Jump Through Leg Contest


For contest rules and requirements keep reading!

So recently I have become obsessed with this thing I found online called “jumping through your own leg”.  In short, basically what it is is a acrobatic move in which you literally jump through your own leg. Rather than trying to explain it, I have a YouTube video below that shows you how to do it.

I have been practicing this move for awhile now and I’m not even close to mastering it yet. But I’m determined to get the hang of it!

So here’s how to win the $20 Amazon gift card.

1. Record a video of yourself performing this move.

2. Download the video and send it to the  link below along with contact info so I can send you your prize


3. Receive $20 Amazon gift card in mail as soon as I verify a successful jump

Only one can win, so don’t waste any time submitting your videos!

Disclaimer:  Participants agree I am not liable for any injury and harm that you inflict upon yourself or others when attempting this move.  Participants also agree that winning jump will appear on this website as well as YouTube

Best of Luck!!!