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Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List

Lately a lot of people on Twitter have been asking me for suggestions to include on their summer bucket list. So to celebrate the first day of Spring (and to rejoice at the end of a long winter)  here is my Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List!  

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  1. Go camping
  2. Make homemade cookies
  3. Drive-in movie
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go to a carnival
  6. Volunteer
  7. Go to the zoo
  8. Watch fireworks
  9. grey Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List Set off fireworks
  10. Go to a museum
  11. Catch fireflies
  12. Make a time capsule
  13. Break a world record
  14. Write a song
  15. Record a song
  16. Make a music video and upload it to YouTube
  17. Go skinny dipping
  18. Tie dye shirts
  19. Carve something into a tree
  20. Flash mob!
  21. Movie marathon
  22. Go rollerblading
  23. Paintball
  24. Go to a water parkgrey Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List
  25. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  26. Throw a party
  27. Crash a party
  28. Scavenger hunt
  29. Watch a meteor shower
  30. Go thrifting
  31. Release floating lanterns
  32. Beach day
  33. Make smores
  34. Go to a parade
  35. Concerts
  36. Attend a baseball game
  37. Go for a long bike ride
  38. Pillow fight
  39. Make a giant sand castle
  40. Horseback riding
  41. Check out local farmer’s market
  42. Hit up some garage sales
  43. Get tan
  44. Fly a kite
  45. Road trip somewhere new
  46. Make new friends
  47. Kiss in the rain
  48. Have the perfect summer fling
  49. Sleep under the stars
  50. Play hide and seek in Walmart
  51. Try all 31 Baskin Robins flavors
  52. Become famous on Vine
  53. Watch the sunset
  54. Watch the sunrise
  55. Write messages on balloons and let them go
  56. grey Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List Stargaze
  57. Do the Chinese fire drill at a stoplight
  58. Play messy Twister
  59. Wear a “Free Hugs” shirt at the mall
  60. Read a classic book
  61. Run a 5k
  62. Climb a mountain
  63. Find a four leaf clover
  64. Jump off a waterfall
  65. Pick up guitar
  66. Water balloon fight
  67. Take photos in a  photo booth
  68. Take a picture every day
  69. Take LOTS of pictures
  70. Spa day
  71. Buy from an ice cream truck
  72. Carve a watermelon
  73. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  74. Pick an official summer song
  75. Superglue a quarter to the ground
  76. Stand in two different states/countries at once
  77. Leave notes in library books for the next person to find
  78. Go mini-golfing
  79. grey Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List Go out on a paddle boat
  80. Large scale Nerf gun fight
  81. Play some tennis/badminton/volleyball
  82. Celebrate a foreign holiday
  83. Face paint
  84. Roller coasters
  85. Put glow sticks in a pool and swim
  86. Make a slip ‘n slide
  87. Play hide and seek in public
  88. Rope swing into a lake
  89. Run up a down escalator
  90. Make a fort
  91. Learn how to make a perfect smoothie
  92. Start a cool collection
  93. Write a letter to a random address and see if they write back
  94. Send a message in a bottle
  95. Reconnect with an old friend
  96. Climb a tree
  97. Buy lemonade from a lemonade stand
  98. Take up yoga
  99. Get the body you want
  100. Fall in love
  101. Make cake pops
  102. Make your own ice cream
  103. Participate in a color run
  104. Get a tan tattoo
  105. Bury a friend in the sand
  106. Get buried in the sandgrey Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List
  107. Have a barbecue
  108. Meet a celeb
  109. Grow a garden
  110. Ride a ferris wheel
  111. Hand prints in wet cement
  112. Play a pick-up basketball game
  113. Learn to cook three new dishes
  114. Compliment a complete stranger
  115. Complete a jig-saw puzzle
  116. Make a giant chocolate chip cookie
  117. Go fishing
  118. Redo your bedroom
  119. Eat five things you’ve never tried before
  120. Go canoeing or kayaking
  121. Play some classic board gamesgrey Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List
  122. Take a Zumba class
  123. Plan a successful prank
  124. Corn on the cob eating contest
  125. Make popsicles
  126. Stay outside for 12 hours straight
  127. Go rock climbing
  128. Write a letter to a soldier
  129. Make lots and lots of memories


#965 – Camp Inside Hang Son Doong Cave

Located deep inside the forests of Vietnam lies the largest cave in the world.  Not the longest cave, that title belongs to Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, but in terms of largest single cave, Hang Son Doong Cave takes the top spot. The cave is more than 600 feet wide, 450 feet high, and over 5 miles long, with caverns big enough to fit an entire city street inside them. grey #965   Camp Inside Hang Son Doong Cave

Despite it’s impressive size, it was only discovered recently. First in 1991 by a local man, Ho Khanh, and then later in 2009 its size was confirmed by a British research time.  It’s remote location requires a 6 hour hike from the nearest highway to reach the cave entrance, but those who make the trek say that it is worth the time and energy.

Bucket List It!

#966 – Read a Book While Sitting Underneath a Willow Tree

Sometimes it can be hard to escape the hustle and bustle of the world. Even when we do catch a few moments to relax we are surrounded by our media devices which always keep us connected to the rest of society.  When was the last time you sat down with a good book and read it cover to cover?

grey #966   Read a Book While Sitting Underneath a Willow Tree

First turn off your cell phone. Then find a willow tree (in rare circumstances another large tree will work) and read a book underneath it’s inviting blanket of branches. Escape the outside of the world even if only for a few hours.  Your soul will thank you.

Bucket List It!